Funniest Kevin Durant “You The Real MVP” Memes

By Samit

In honour of 'KD' winning both Best Male Athlete and Best NBA Player at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, I give you the best of his meme on his touching MVP speech. These are gold!

  • The Amazing Family on Halloween

    Getting the full size candy bars on Halloween almost felt like you won the lottery as a kid.

  • The Netflix User from Heaven

    Anyone who does this is just a class act all the way to the core.

  • Wi-Fi Stealing

    This makes me think that meme making is truly an art.

  • Tim Howard

    Even Kevin Durant knows who the real boss is. Respect!

  • Reading the Doctor's Writing

    This made me laugh for quite a bit! Doctors' writing is truly like reading hieroglyphics.

  • Girls That Text First

    The male population salutes you.

  • Cheating Help

    We all wish we had some more of these types of MVP's running around back in school lol!

  • The Broken AC in the NBA Finals

    This one was genius! That air conditioner deserves a smooch from every NBA fan, as it swung the momentum in San Antonio's favor for good.