Artist Bios

Carson Cartier

Carson Cartier is a multidisciplinary artist whose work aims to unify painting, photography, digital art, and fashion as one vision, voice and ethos. The design and ideology of Carson’s work is complex and abstract, though minimalistic in its entirety, with intent of pure visual communication.

Jane Q Cheng

Jane Q Cheng is a visual artist currently working in Vancouver, BC. Central to her practice is the questioning of accepted standards such as the construct of representational painting. Her recent work utilizes appropriation and reproduction strategies to examine the saturation of aesthetics within the visual landscape as well as the idea of imitation as a form of learning.

Dylan Humphreys

Dylan Humphreys is a Vancouver based artist who is heavily involved with the materiality of painting. He's currently working as a scenic artist in the film industry and has worked as an industrial coater. Comics, film and politics are prerequisites to Humphreys’ works as he seeks to explore the function of psyche and community.

Jesse Schilperoort

Jesse has worked in the animation and video game industries in Vancouver for over 10 years. Career highlights include projects that have brought him to work at studios in San Francisco and Ireland. Jesse currently teaches in the Animation Concept Art program at Vancouver Film School.

Thomas Nugent

The narrative for Thomas Nugent’s work exists on the peripheries of the action. Relishing in the power of suggestion, his most recent work was captured in Mexico, California, and Norway.

Cody Smith

Cody Smith is a Visual Artist based out of Vancouver, Canada who works large-scale in the mediums of painting and collage.


Lauren D. Zbarsky – Curator

Lauren D Zbarsky is the curator and founder of Untitled Art Space. With collaboration being central to her curatorial practice, Lauren creates large-scale art exhibitions and collections employing the physical space as her medium. Lauren builds close relationships with the people she works with, whether it be artists, clients or members of the community, with a goal to engage through participation and interaction.

Untitled Art Space

Untitled Art Space is a boutique curatorial agency focused on building relationships in art through collaboration. We work closely with top emerging local and international artists to bring their work into public and private spaces. We offer services to support artists in their professional development and help private clients and businesses access unique artwork suited to their specific aesthetic and style. Our goal is to facilitate relationships between the viewer, the artist and the artwork through engagement, accessibility and experience.

For inquiries about artwork, artist info or just to say hi, please contact Lauren -