5 Species of Fraser River Salmon

By Tony Nootebos

  • Fraser Sockeye Salmon

    Each year literally millons of these acrobatic Sockeye enter the Fraser River, averaging 4 to 8 pounds and awesome eating they are very popular. Fraser sockeys run peaks in August

  • Fraser River Pink Salmon

    Pink Salmon run on odd years 2013 2015, 2017, etc and average 3 to 5 pounds. Pinks are great fun on the fly. Fraser river Pink salmon fishing is from mid August to the end of September.

  • Chum

    Fraser river chum Salmon are very aggressive, they eat flies and conventional baits, once hooked they fight really hard. Fraser chum fishing is from mid September to the end of December 

  • Fraser river King Salmon (chinook)

    Chinook or Spring salmon are the biggest and toughest of all the Salmon present in the Fraser. The Fraser Chinook Salmon run from July through to the end of October. 

  • Fraser river Coho

    Coho (Aka Silver salmon) average 6-10 lbs and can be great fun to fish for on light tackle or fly rod. Fraser run timing is mid September to the end of December.