Fishing Seasons of the Fraser Valley

By Tony Nootebos

  • January

    January is a beautiful time to be out on the Fraser river or tributaries. Steelhead Season is just starting on the Vedder, Sturgeon fishing is generally good too, as is wilderness Trout fishing.

  • February Fishing in the Fraser Valley

    By February the fraser is beginning to come alive again after winter, Steelheading is hotting up on the vedder, water temps are rising on the Fraser and Harrison and the fish are getting more active.

  • March

    By the second week of march Fishing is getting good, Trout fishing is on fire Sturgeon fishing is improving and Vedder steelhead are super aggressive, great time to swing a fly for Steelhead.

  • April

    Prime Season Steelhead on the Vedder, Sturgeon are active and feeding heavily, trout fishing is great, what a month to be fishing in the Fraser Valley.

  • May, Fishing on the Fraser river

    Fly fishing on the Vedder is excellent for Steelhead, Sturgeon Fishing on the Harrison/Fraser/Pitt and Stave is very good. Hungry Cutthroat are in a feeding frenzy eating any aquatic hatches. 

  • June on the Fraser River

    Vedder River Steelhead is over for the season, Salmon fishing next. Sturgeon fishing is usually excellent in June and the warm waters make the fish very active. Local lakes are great for trout too.

  • July Fishing in the Fraser

    Big crome chinook (springs) are pushing in on every tide we use spoons to attract these strong salmon. Sturgeon fishing is great, early sockeye are beginning to arrive toward the end of the month.

  • August fishing on the Fraser River

    Everything is running the waters are full of salmon, sturgeon are feasting on what ever the salmon leave behind, its a busy time in the fishing calendar, lots to catch. 

  • September on the Fraser

    By the middle of the month Sockeye are coming to an end, Coho are just starting to come in, Springs are still running hard, Chum are just starting, Sturgeon fishing is still very good.

  • October

    October is Coho month, great action can be had on the fly. Sturgeon fishing is really good. The last of the Springs (Chinook) are entering the river. Its beginning to get a bit colder.

  • November on the Fraser

    Only the coho and the chum salmon are still fishing well. Sturgeon fishing good. The Thompson Steelhead are pushing through the system.

  • December on the Fraser

    Cold mornings and a very quiet river, wonderfull time to watch the wildlife as get stuck into some big Sturgeon on the Fraser. Steelhead are beginning to enter the Vedder river again.