The Road to Becoming a K-pop Idol

By Koreaboo

We've all heard the stories of the rigorous lives that these superstars must live on the road to their idol status, but just how far does this path stretch?

  • Pre-audition training

    It all starts with training! With so much competition, kids have to be the best of the best to get noticed at an audition. They spend years practicing at academies, and home, honing their craft.

  • Auditioning

    Once they're confident enough in their skills, they seek out auditions constantly. Going from company to company, and auditioning over and over. It's not rare for kids to participate in 30+ auditions.

  • Contracts

    Upon passing an audition they may be offered a trainee contract of 2~4 years. There is guarantee of debut, it's simply a contract to accept an individual into the company's training regimen. 

  • Rigorous Training

    The trainees undergo intense training in singing, dance, acting, language and more while competing with eachother for the spotlight. Only a small percentage will pass and be offered an artist contract

  • Dropping Out of School

    For those without school (or those who choose to drop out to focus on their career), a day might last up to 15 hours, from 10am-10pm with extra practice running late into the evenings.

  • Extra 'Homework'

    Mandatory exercise, regulated meals, and regular weigh-ins keep the aspiring stars' bodies in check, while sex education & etiquette lessons are also provided on top of regular training.

  • Low Chances

    Despite this rigorous training, few make it, with only about 10% of 'stars' making a successful debut. Some drop out, whereas some just aren't skilled enough to make the cut.

  • Debut

    While debuting is an accomplishment after years of hard preparation, in actually its just another level of competition. With so many groups, the idols have to work even harder to get their group known

  • Fame

    The succesfull groups will experience incredible fame—marketing contracts, films, mansions, and more extavagence comes alongside a K-pop career. The dream that began at a young age finally comes true!