7 Catchiest K-Pop Dances That Anyone Can Learn

By Koreaboo

K-Pop is known for its infectious dancing and we've certainly seen our fair share of music video inspired moves sweep over the nation. Here are 7 of the most memorable.

  • EXO - Growl


    EXO took the K-Pop scene by storm with their powerful moves and undeniable dance talent. While "Growl" may not be easily learned for the beginner, it's definitely a treat to watch.

  • BEAST - Fiction


    BEAST popularized the shuffle step in their "Fiction" dance, which relied on simple, yet highly slick moves.

  • Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra


    Before PSY's "Gentleman," there was Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra," which was the original hip swaying dance (and also the girls' début effort).

  • Super Junior - Sorry Sorry


    Back in 2009, "Sorry Sorry" was all the rage and just about everybody could do the foot slapping, hand rubbing dance that the SuJu boys popularized.

  • Girl's Generation - Gee


    The epitome of girly and feminine, Girl's Generation's "Gee" had an even cuter dance to match the already cute (but highly catchy) song. Boys, we know that you can do this dance too!

  • Wonder Girls - Nobody


    Released in Korea, Mandarin, Japanese, and English, Wonder Girls' "Nobody" was an international sensation. In fact, all of Asia was singing the song and doing the dance along with it.

  • PSY - Gangnam Style


    Last but certainly not least, we have PSY's "Gangnam Style." If we're talking globally recognizable, then there's no other piece that has crazed the Western market quite like PSY's pony dance.