7 Korean Life Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

By Koreaboo

These life hacks won't just make your life a lot easier, you will surprise your friends with your extensive knowledge in Korean culture!

  • Soy Bean Paste

    Before ointments were brought into Korea, soy bean pastes were applied over wounds. As bad as this might sound a type of bacteria in soy bean paste actually works to disinfect and clean your wounds! 

  • After A Night Out

    If you are drunk and lying in bed, you may experience dizziness and upset your stomach. Next time try setting one foot off the bed on the ground and it will stabilize your dizziness!

  • Soothing Bruises

    Remember seeing actors roll eggs around their bruised areas on K-dramas? Well rubbing an object around your bruised area helps the clotted blood under the skin dissipate faster! 

  • Expired Milk

    Before you throw that expired milk down the drain let me tell you something. Korean celebrities use expired milk to wash their face or bodies. It helps soften your skin and also to exfoliate dead skin

  • Indigestion

    Although some may have difficulty carrying this method out, pricking and blood letting of thumbs relieve indigestion symptoms by relieving built up pressure on your stomach and aiding blood flow

  • Steamed Pear With Honey

    This home remedy is one of the most commonly used methods for keeping coughs down. A pear is emptied out and filled with ginger, honey, jujubes and than steamed till it's soft.

  • Cleaning a Burnt pot

    If days after soaking a pot your pot still has nasty burnt spots try this Korean remedy before throwing the pot out. Pour vinegar into the pot (just enough to cover all burns) and boil it! 

  • Reduce Face Puffiness

    Whether or not you wake up with a puffy face, tea made from brewing corn silk helps you keep down swelling of face and aids in the excreting of unwanted matter from your system