13 Times GDxCL Seemed Like More Than Friends

By Koreaboo

We all know how close BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s CL are, the leaders of YG. But, sometimes it’s easy to forget how close these two are, and the reason they’ve received the nickname, “SkyDragon”

  • That time they wore couples clothing

  • That time they looked perfect together

  • When they always goof around like sweethearts

  • When they have that charisma together on stage!

  • Every time they give each other loving hugs

  • When they just give that perfect couple vibe

  • When they whisper secrets back and forth

  • When their insanely high swag levels are in sync

  • When CL strokes her fingers through GD's hair

  • When GD's shoulder is always there CL to lean on

  • When they can never get enough hugs

  • The adorable dynamite duo

  • When CL makes that face while hugging him~

  • The proud South Koreans! Too cute!