11 Amazingly Savory Korean Drinks You Must Try

By Koreaboo

Korean food as well drinks are quickly gaining popularity, find out which Korean drinks are worth a try. Who knows one of them might become your next addiction!

  • Flower Tea (Ggot Cha)

    Korea has a long running tradition of brewing tea from dried flowers. When properly done, you can see the flowers bloom as the tea brews and take beautiful colors.

  • Coffee Milk

    This coffee milk might not seem all that special but carries 30 years of tradition and popularity. It also comes in an odd pyramidal plastic packaging.

  • Banana Milk

    This drink is perhaps the most well known among international K-Pop fans. This banana flavored milk is sweet and savory !

  • Green Plum Tea (Maesil Cha)

    Green plum is stored in sugar or honey and the result is diluted with water and served hot or cold. It's sweet, refreshing and slightly sour to the taste.

  • Milkis

    It is hard to describe the taste of Milkis to someone who's never had it before...It's creamy refreshing and sweet at the same time!

  • Roast Grain Tea (Misoot Garu)

    Roast grains (Barley, beans, sesame seeds etc) are turned into fine powder. It is usually served blended with milk and sugar. The powder is however beginning to be used in many deserts in Korea.

  • Grape BonBon

    This old Korean grape drink ha kept its popularity for the last 33 years with one signature trait. It has REAL WHOLE GRAPES inside!!

  • Sikhye

    This fermented rice drink is served very cold. Almost in a slush state most times, this traditional Korean drink is sweet, clean and has a very deep taste.

  • Citrus Tea (Yuja Cha)

    Citron (Yuja) is sliced into small pieces and than stored in sugar or honey. It can than either be served as jam or diluted in water and served as tea. Citrus Tea is extremely good for colds as well!

  • McCol

    This carbonated barley drink first made appearance as a health drink and quickly gained popularity for its taste as well. It tastes something similar to coke but has a rich taste of barley as well!!

  • Cinnamon Tea (Sujung Gwa)

    If you're not a fan of cinnamon you might want to stay away from this. If you are though, you will love this! With beautiful reddish tint, it has a deep cinnamon taste along with a rich sweetness!!