12 Insane Stunts Idols Attempted

By Koreaboo

If you ever had the preconception that K-Pop idols aren't adventurous, you'd be dead wrong! Here's a few who are total adrenaline junkies, and love the rush and excitement of extreme sports!

  • Gamblers Crew preforming insanely dangerous stunts


  • 2PM Taecyeon tries out high speed wakeboarding.

  • Yoona learning to rock-climb

  • The dedication

  • Climbing like a pro

  • Daredevil Taemin fearlessly takes to the skies!

  • He loves every second of it!

  • It's B2ST Dojoon's turn!

  • Dojoon plummeting from the heavens in Hawaii!

  • Krystal loves to sky-dive too! In New Zealand!

  • Don't forget about Luna, she doesn't hold back.

  • Taemin gives a 'thumbs up' with his flying buddy.

  • Having the time of his life.

  • Taemin relaxes in the powdery Swiss Alps snow.

  • Eunhyuk takes to the slopes!

  • CN Blue Yonghwa join the skii-hill as well.

  • Lee Minho is one with animals, even the largest!

  • Kim Hyun Joong is also a wild man of nature.

  • Sulli prepares to plunge in and scuba like a pro!

  • Shindong is great at scuba-diving! Fearless!

  • Lee Minho & Yoona the mountain trekkers

  • 'We did it'!

  • A warm hug at the completion of a long journey~

  • So sweet <3

  • Girls' Genertion Taeyeon goes bungee jumping!