12 Hilarious K-Pop Favorite Variety Idols

By Koreaboo

It's ridiculous how funny some K-Pop idols are and how quickly they rose to fame after they made appearances in variety shows!

  • Park Joon Hyung

    The oldest active idol in the K-Pop scene Park Joon Hyung always surprises fans with his energy and playfulness.

  • Yura

    Yura is known for her playful nature but she really made an impact on the variety scene when she took part in the famous reality show "We Got Married" along side Hong Jong Hyun

  • Sunny

    Sunny is a veteran variety personnel as well as DJ. Her bright personality and honest nature always puts a smile on the face of those who are watching.

  • Kyuhyun

    Kyuhyun's career was a little rocky in the beginning but he slowly made a name for himself as one of the best idols in the variety scene.

  • Hwang Kwanghee

    Kwanghee's laugh and his high pitched voice can't ever be mistaken for anyone else!

  • Kangnam

    Kangnam is a Japanese-Korean idol and a member of the group M.I.B. He is known for his extremely honest nature and bright personality that does not seemed to falter!

  • Jung Joon Young

    Jung Joon Young is acknowledged to be one of the stars on "1 Night 2 Days" who contributed in bringing the show close to its formal glory.

  • Jackson Wang

    Jackson! The rookie from GOT7 quickly rose as one of Korea's most favorite variety figure after he joined the second season of "Roommate"

  • Park Hyung-Sik

    Park Hyung-Sik aka the "Baby Soldier" stole the hearts of many in the military reality show "Real Men"

  • Heo Young-ji

    Young-ji charmed the public with her trademark "Mute Smile", and innocent nature. 

  • Henry Lau

    This man needs no explanation. His unpredictable nature and playful nature quickly turned him into one of Korea's most favorite variety figures.

  • Park Chanyeol

    Although he is no longer a part of the "Roommate" he made a name for himself as a variety figure!