15 Uber-Sexy Photo Shoots By Hyuna The Vixen

By Koreaboo

Hyuna is undeniably the foxy queen of K-Pop, with her cute demeanor yet sexy and fierce aura! She has fan-boys love struck every-time she appears on stage. 

  • Too beautiful to be human, she must be a vampire!

  • Hyuna's angry shirt says "stay away, she's mine!"

  • Alone in a bleak atmosphere

  • The trouble-makers

  • Making more trouble!

  • Hyuna the vampire bride posing seductively

  • Stop playing on the table Hyuna!

  • Hyuna with a hot summer tan

  • That enough trouble making you two!

  • Too much trouble making!

  • ...Oh I give up, have it your way!

  • Mirror mirror...

  • Tired after a long day of looking sexy ㅋㅋ

  • Peek-a-boo

  • Hyuna the tease