13 K-Pop Idols That Are Stereotypical Blood Type O

By Koreaboo

Although science says blood type personalities are urban myths, these idols are so stereo typically O-types it makes you doubt even science!!

  • Yuchun - JYJ

    O type males have various charms. They can be childlike at times but very mature at times!

  • Suga - BTS

    Os are very outgoing and are amiable!

  • Baekhyun - EXO

    O blood types are natural born leaders. 

  • Bang Yong Gook - B.A.P

    They are also known for their stubbornness and a very strong sense of justice.

  • Jinwoon - 2AM

    They smile a lot and are very amiable around their friends

  • Yong Jun Hyung - BEAST

    They seem stubborn and cold at first but when you get to know them they have the warmest hearts.

  • Jin - BTS

    No matter where they are O-types always stand out either through sheer talent or hard work.


    Childlike but Charismatic hmmm sound like someone?

  • Leo - VIXX

    Very direct and outspoken, they do not like to be subtle.

  • Nichkhun - 2PM

    When an O-type falls in love he does not fall out of love very easily

  • Onew - Shinee

    They like to pretend that they are nonchalant but they are sensitive and get hurt easily.

  • Ravi - VIXX

    Very eloquent, not very quick to anger but when provoked, they are very hard to calm down. 

  • Sehun - EXO

    They do not like to lose in even the smallest things. They do their best no matter what task they are given