8 Dangerously Tasty Korean Snacks To Die For

By Koreaboo

There's something magical about the aisles of Korean supermarkets, simply because you know they have the most delicious, probably corn flavored snacks. Which are your favorites?

  • Kkokkalcorn

    The proper way to eat these cone shaped, corn snacks is to put them on the tips of your fingers, and eat them one by one. Or by the handful, either way.

  • Onion Ring Chips

    Onion Ring chips are probably the only snack food that tastes better than the food it's trying to imitate. And they're even easier to eat.

  • Pepero

    Possibly the only snack in the world with it's own holiday, Pepero is insanely popular in Korea. These chocolate covered sticks hit the spot every time.

  • Chocopie

    If you've ever had a friend who's served in the Korean military, you know exactly how loved Chocopie is. A marshmallow sandwiched by chocolate-covered cakes—what more could you ask for?

  • Shrimp Chips

    Shrimp chips can be found everywhere in Korea, which is fine, since these lightly flavored snacks are absolutely delicious. Be sure to buy the jumbo sized bags; you'll regret it if you don't.

  • Dried Squid

    Dried Squid is pretty much Korea's answer to beef jerky. A bit tough to eat, but worth the effort every time.

  • Spicy Cheetos

    They're still Cheetos brand, but the Korean version is way better. It doesn't completely coat your fingers in cheese powder, and has a sweeter, cornier taste.

  • Honey Butter Chips

    These illusive snacks have been sold out nationwide since their release in August! People are so crazy about them they buy them by the box, and celebrities receive exclusive bags to take selfies with!

  • BONUS: Hyomin with her Honey Butter Chips