11 Favortie Foods Of K-Pop Idols That Are A MUST TRY

By Koreaboo

Korea undeniably has massive varieties of food and although they are all delicious, idols seem to prefer some foods over others!

  • B.A.P

    Apparently B.A.P as a whole can't get enough of pizza!

  • Pizza

    The choices of pizza in Korea are creative to say the least. Guess which list idol(s) confessed undying love for this delicacy?

  • Gongchan (B1A4)

    Gongchan has stated in the past that he loves any food with kimchi in it!

  • Kimchi

    As one of Korea's most renowned food Kimchi was bound to make an appearance on this list

  • Luhan

    Luhan had previously stated that his favorite dish in Korea is pork belly.

  • Samgyeopsal/Pork belly

    Porkbelly are basically like the bacon of Korea. It's cheap, delicious and very easy to find.

  • Park Bom & Pudding

    If you're a fan of "Roommate" you'll recognize this scene. Park Bom keeps a stock of puddings and even leaves it by her bed so she can have it as soon as she wakes up!

  • Seohyun (SNSD)

    Seohyun and her love for sweet potatoes are famous. Her members have even revealed that she takes sweet potatoes with her everywhere she goes!

  • Sweet Potatoes

    These healthy snacks may not seem like much but one specific idol claims that she cannot live without them.

  • Sandara Park (2NE1)

    Sandara Park has said that the spicy rice cakes are her favorite go to food! In Korean it's called Ddeok-bokki

  • Ddeok-boggi

    Ddeok-boggi is perhaps the most well known type of street food in Korea and probably the most common as well.

  • Kai (EXO-K)

    Kai confessed that chicken, especially the sweet and spicy flavored chicken which is the signature chicken dish of Korea, is his favorite food.

  • Chicken

    Chicken is by far one of the most popular dishes in Korea and idols are not immune from the allures of chicken!

  • Victoria (f(x))

    Victoria, who is originally from China, quickly fell in love with K BBQ and states that K BBQ has become her favorite meal by far!

  • K BBQ

    Ah..K BBQ is one of the best things in Korean culture !

  • Donghae (Super Junior)

    Donghae picked this dish as his favorite and go to meal: Sundubu Soup

  • Sundubu Soup

    This soup consists of soft tofu, seafood/meat, veggies and egg. It's both hearty and scrumptious

  • Jaejoong (JYJ)

    Jaejoong apparently loves all foods that's spicy. Perhaps that's why his lips are always so red and luscious...

  • Spicy foods

    Koreans in general love spicy foods but one idol in particular seem to never be able to get enough spiciness

  • Banana Milk

    Can you guess which idol drinks this banana flavored milk non-stop??

  • Taemin (SHINee)

    If you guessed Taemin, you guessed correctly! Taemin's infatuation with this drink is well known amongst K-Pop fans