12 Insanely Adorable Korean Jindo Dogs

By Koreaboo

Jindos are the treasured dog of Korea that hail from the lonely island of Jindo! They are unique and cute, medium sized dogs, who love to run fast and play hard! Here's some adorable photos!

  • 'Will you take me home?'

  • Some morning yoga

  • Jindos at the temple

  • They make strong and proud warrior dogs

  • Jindos are fearless!

  • The proud Jindo

  • I... cant..... TOO CUTE!!!!

  • They knooow better

  • No flex zone

  • 'We are the Jindo gang'

  • Lonely mutt on the roadside awww

  • When happy, their tongues can grow up to 7 ft long

  • 'human y u do dis, stahp puleez'

  • the fluffy brothers

  • 'nom nom, your face is delicious.'

  • Too cute for words!