13 Delicious Korean Street Foods Under $2.00

By Koreaboo

Hungry and looking for some super delicious food but.. broke as a goat?!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are some pretty amazing street food that you can purchase for less than $2!!

  • Egg Bread - $1.00 for 2

    A semi-sweet pastry with an egg in the middle. These breads aren't as exotic and special as some of the other dishes but they are hearty and only 50 cents each!!

  • Skewered Chicken - $0.70

    You will literally run into these in every street with vendors. Pieces of chicken are skewered then barbequed over charcoal on a grill then lathered with spicy or sweet sauce.

  • Delimanjoo - $2.00 for 10

    Delimanjoo is a word that came from combining the English word delicious with the Korean word for dumplings (mandoo). These bite sized pastries are crispy on the outside, soft and creamy in its inside

  • Hobbang - $0.80 for 1

    Hobbang comes with a variety of fillings. The most classic one is filled with red bean paste but the newer varieties come with meat, veggie and even pizza fillings.

  • Butter fried squid - $1.50 per bag

    This is literally squid fried in butter. It may sound unappetizing but trust me once you try it you will become a fan

  • Uhmook - $0.50 for 1

    These fishcakes are present in every dduk bogki cart you will see in Korea. They are cooked in a special broth and are chewy and have a rich flavor. What's better is you can drink the broth for free!!

  • Toast - $2.00 for 1

    This isn't a regular American toast. This Korean special toast includes a flat omelette with veggies, cheese, ham and some fresh veggies with sweet sauce. All for $2.00!

  • Longffle - $1.50 for 1

    The longffle is a new menu that is starting to quickly gain popularity among the young generation in Korea. Basically a long waffle, it lets you enjoy different toppings in one pastry for only $1.50

  • Dduk Bogki - $2.00 per serving

    Dduk Bogki is the most classic of all street foods in Korea. Spicy and semi sweet they are a must try for anyone visiting Korea for the first time.

  • Dduk Ggochi - $0.50 for 1

    Plain white rice cakes are skewered on a stick then deep fried. Once crispy, they are lathered with a sweet and spicy sauce.

  • Tornado Potato - $2.00 for 1

    These famous tornado potatoes are dipped in tempura batter and then deep fried. You can also choose from variety of seasoning available to add flavor to it.

  • Ho Dduk - $1.00 for 1

    Ho Dduk is made with a sticky dough with brown sugar and nuts in the inside. The dough is than fried in oil and flattened. The sugar melts while it cooks and the result is crispy and delightful.

  • Boonguh Bbang - $1.00 for 3

    Ahhh the classic boonguh bbang. This pastry is crispy on the outside and filled with sweet red bean paste on the inside