How to Prepare to be a Teacher in Korea

By Koreaboo

If you're considering becoming a teacher in South Korea, here are a few tips to keep in mind for your preparation process.

  • Make a List of Emergency Contacts

    While your family abroad may not count as an emergency contact, local hospitals, embassies, and any other foreign geared support organization do count, and you should have some numbers on hand.

  • Research Up Some Resources Beforehand

    In today's digital age, there are tons of online resources that are made by foreigners living in South Korea (including teachers) FOR foreigners visiting Korea. Youtube is a great starting point.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Cultural Customs

    To avoid or at least mitigate against committing any cultural faux pas when you land, look up some common customs (e.g. bowing to your elders) so you have a basic understanding of the Korean society.

  • Know What Items to Bring from Home

    While you may be able to find most of your daily necessities in Korea, there are still the few familiar products that are simply not available. Do your research first so you know what to bring!

  • Have Some Teaching Experience Under Your Belt

    Just because you're qualified to teach abroad doesn't mean you'll get the hang of it immediately. Having prior teaching experience will help calm your nerves when it's time to face a new audience.

  • Study Up on the Transportation System

    Transportation in South Korea is heavily centered on the subway and taxi systems. Take a look at major routes and brush up on system know-hows to get a sense of what you'll be utilizing later on.

  • Try to Learn a Few Korean Words/ Phrases

    Learning a new language takes time and commitment, but knowing a few major conversational phrases and words will be nothing but helpful once you arrive in Korea.