14 Times Amber Rocked A More Feminine Look

By Koreaboo

Amber of f(x) is known for her boyish style and tomboy character, but we put together a rare collection of photos of her looking more feminine and girlish. Does she ever look great!

  • Long hair or a wig?

  • Gorgeous!

  • Amber looking beautiful with a braided ponytail <3

  • Amber dons a skirt! O_O

  • Promo shoot for Red Light

  • Amber looking artistic in this shoot

  • Amber the bride?

  • Red hair and dark eyeliner

  • Amber with long hair!

  • Super Gorgeous

  • Beautiful blonde hair

  • A new style for Amber!

  • Looking fashionable and amazing!

  • With Victoria!


  • Be careful with that Amber!

  • So fabulous~