The Best 5 Afternoon Snacks

By BrazenWoman

Got that 'hangry' feeling and it's only 3pm? Munch on these healthy snacks to feed your belly and fuel your brain.

  • Low Glycemic Energy Bars

    These yummy treats provide a mix of protein with slow releasing carbs and fibre as well as exceptional bar flavours from apple cinnamon and yogurt to chocolate and nuts.

  • A Latte

    For coffee lovers, this is a real treat. A small regular or decaf latte (or tea latte) supplies more protein than an egg. The milk is a natural source of protein and carbs. Bonus: No added sugar!

  • A Handful of Nuts and Dried Fruit

    All nuts and seeds are good choices that supply protein along with your favourite fresh or dried unsweetened fruit. These are nice, healthy carbs.

  • Greek Yogurt Parfait

    Yogurt parfaits made with fresh or thawed berries and topped with a spoon of hemp hearts, chia seeds or ground flax seeds provide an ideal blend of needed protein and carbs. Plus, they're delicious.

  • Hummus with Raw Veggies and Whole Grain Crackers

    This is the perfect snack when you are looking for something crunchy and savoury that will supply both carbs and protein all at the same time.