7 Insane MV Hairstyles You'll Never Forget

By Koreaboo

K-Pop is infamous for having some of the most outrageous MV style out of any genre of music on an international scale. If you can imagine it, then chances are someone has tried it out before.

  • Zico in 'Very Good'


    Zico's 'Very Good' hair has got us very confused. Since there's no way that the dual bun look can be flattering in any way, we're just going to go ahead and assume that Zico's intention was to shock.

  • Sandara Park in 'It Hurts'


    Kudos to Sandara Park for rocking one of the more outrageous hairstyles we've seen on a female idol. Between the set, the dress and the hair, we could have sworn that Sandara was a medieval witch.

  • T.O.P in 'Fantastic Baby'


    T.O.P's icy blue 'Fantastic Baby' hair looks like it belongs on set of a live-action "Frozen" feature. This was definitely the start of a blue hair trend in K-Pop.

  • Taeyang in 'Monster'


    We can't be the only ones who see binoculars, the infinity symbol, and sushi rolls in Taeyang's 'Monster' hairstyle. The resemblance is uncanny. 

  • G-Dragon in 'Monster'


    Known for his crazy hair moments, we thought G-Dragon deserved the last three spots on our list. In 'Monster', he took the term "mushroom" cut to the next level—we can't even see his eyes anymore.

  • G-Dragon in 'Michigo'


    Perhaps a less severe version of Sandara's 'It Hurts' hair, somehow G-Dragon's ombre afro still looks bizarre beyond words.

  • G-Dragon in 'Fantastic Baby'


    We imagine that G-Dragon probably drew inspiration from Rapunzel for his 'Fantastic Baby' hair. We can't tell when his fiery hair ends and where the red rope begins.