7 Korean Youtubers You Should Be Watching

By Koreaboo

Forget all of the major K-pop Idol channels for a moment. These are the 7 Korean Youtubers who are absolutely killing it in their own respective fields that you need to check out ASAP. 

  • Maangchi


    If you have a passion for food then Maangchi is for you. We're talking recipes for all of the Korean cuisine that you've always wanted to try, turned home-kitchen accessible. *CLICK TO SEE CHANNEL*

  • Jung Saem Mool


    Being the make-up artist for all the biggest names in K-pop, Jung Saem Mool's channel is THE place to visit for hair & beauty tutorials. To re-create your favorite MV looks just *CLICK TO SEE CHANNEL*

  • Korean Englishman


    Josh & Co are lovers of all things Korean. And while being English to boot, you're definitely in for a cross-culture experience when visiting the Korean Englishman. *CLICK TO SEE CHANNEL*

  • Sungha Jung


    This child prodigy got his big break on Youtube where his Pirates of the Caribbean cover has received 43M+ views to date. Sungha continues to impress with his unique fingerstyle & mad guitar skills.

  • Waveya


    Korea's #1 dance group, chances are you've probably stumbled upon one or two of Waveya's  hot dance covers ranging from 2NE1 to Beyonce. *CLICK TO SEE CHANNEL*

  • Eat Your Kimchi


    Canadian transplants Simon & Martina are the one-stop source for all things Korean pop culture, from MV reviews, myth debunking, and travel vlogs. Their awesome humour is not to be forgotten either.

  • JuNCurryAhn


    Jun Sung Ahn is to violin as Yiruma is to piano on Youtube. Top notch in terms of quality & originality, if you think you're sick of a popular song, we dare you to go listen to Jun's violin versions.