14 K-Pop Idols' Pajamas That Are Totally Adorable

By Koreaboo

Have you ever seen you favorite idols' pajamas? Well now's your chance! Here's the cutest collection you've ever seen of idols in their PJs!  

  • Goo Hara loves her new Pajamas!

  • Yaaawn, Lee Jong Suk slept in!

  • Heechul wearing birthday pajamas gifted by Sulli

  • Yura looking cute

  • Minah's Teddy jammies!

  • Yoseop cuddling up

  • Taeyeon listens to one last song before bedtime.

  • Hyosung's pretty purple pajamas

  • Hyosung poses in pajamas for YES

  • Raina sleeping peacefully

  • Sooyoung's fancy pajamas

  • B1A4 being goofs

  • Sweet dreams Taeyeon~

  • Shindong, Lord of Pajamas

  • Lee Haneul sleeps in this~