8 Hilarious K-Pop "Konglish" Lyrics

By Koreaboo

While English is a popular component of K-Pop songs, sometimes it would seem that grammar & sense are simply tossed out the window during the writing process, resulting in some rather creative lyrics.

  • BEAST - Shock


    "Every day I just can't control, every night the loneliness my love. Can't breathe, like freeze...every day I shock, every night I shock." This here, is an example of almost right, but not quite.

  • Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single


    "Every single day I try, we get close to good times. Sexy, free & single, I'm ready to bingo." The grammar issue here isn't actually jarring, rather, it was the choice of words that makes the line.

  • KARA - Pretty Girl


    "If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty." There were way too many word omissions here for the reader to understand anything. Was the lyricist simply lazy or were the omissions an honest mistake?

  • B1A4 - Beautiful Target


    "Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom heart like a rocket." The meaning of this line is actually pretty clear, despite a clear grammar slip-up. 

  • JYJ - Mission


    "Probably you’re money is unpublic. Try to save my life like a puppy & cream. Another hot movie character, bumble bee treat me like a slave & I pray is it Halloween." This one completely lost us.

  • ZE:A - Mazelov


    “It shut it down...Red beat down, knock you down, here we go. Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl...Mazeltov." Just what is happening here? (And what is a "red beat?")

  • Super Junior - Mr. Simple


    "Because I naughty, naughty. Hey! I'm Mr. Simple...just grab it, grab it." Grammar aside, one has to wonder if the lyricist was aware of the meaning behind his words.

  • U-Kiss - Dancing Floor


    "I'm on dancing floor, hey everybody let's keep a music on...Can you keep it on, can you feel the floor? Sing it daddy." A funny thing to note, 3 members of U-Kiss are actually fluent in English.