13 Signs You Grew up with Korean Parents

By Koreaboo

Growing up was interesting when you lived with Korean parents. The craziest thing? You probably didn't know people lived any other way until high school, and these 13 things were simply the norm.

  • You had 2 career options

    You could aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer. The possibilities were endless. And remember, an A- is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

  • You were forced to play a classic instrument

    Piano or violin, anybody? If we had a nickel for every Korean child who played one of the two...

  • You know Tae Kwon Do

    No matter how many times you told your friends you didn't know Karate or Kung Fu, they never seemed to get the message.

  • Shoes at the door

    You knew to take off your shoes before walking into the house, or face the wrath of angry parents.

  • Your life revolves around kimchi

    This one's actually awesome, but it's pretty true.

  • Sundays are for church

    And nothing else. No exceptions.

  • Bowl cuts

    You had one. We had one. Don't try to deny it. And being a girl didn't exempt you. 

  • Your mom is a badass

    "When I was your age..." she walked up hill both ways to school and never had an easy way out. Nothing you do will compare to the real struggle.

  • War stories are real

    Your dad/grandpa's version of "When I was your age..."

  • Bartering is a way of life

    It's like currency isn't really a thing. 

  • ...yet you'll bow down for cash

    You'll bow 'til your back's sore, yet you'll keep going for that sweet, sweet pocket money.

  • Korean school

    Because 5 days of training to be a doctor or lawyer simply wasn't enough.

  • Korean pears are the go-to gift

    It didn't matter if everyone had grocery store amounts of pears at home, whenever you visited someone, you brought pears.

  • Everything Korean is #1

    If it's made in Korea, it's automaticallly #1. Korean actor? Obviously the best. Korean food? always better than any other food.