13 Korean Celebs That Defy Time And Age

By Koreaboo

These 13 actresses are incredibly gorgeous and also known for being graceful and classy!

  • Han Ko Eun

    Han Ko Eun who has just turned 40 is the youngest of these actresses and still holds her own in terms of grace and beauty.

  • Choi Ji woo

    Choi Ji Woo is considered one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave with her role as the main character in dramas such as "Stairway to heaven" and "Winter sonata"

  • Jun Do Yeon

    Jun Do Yeon who started her career as everyone's little sister is now considered one of the best actresses in Korea.

  • Lee Young Ae

    Lee Young Ae has always had an air of mystery around her and at the age of 44 as a mother of two still charms the public with her grace and beauty 

  • Lee Mi Yeon

    Lee Mi Yeon is a critically acclaimed actress that won the love of the general public with her role as the queen in the drama "Empress Myeong Seong"

  • Oh Yeon Soo

    Oh Yeon Soo at 44 years of age still hasn't lost that charismatic glare that made her famous in the Korean movie industry.

  • Park Joo Mi

    Park Joo Mi debuted in 1991 at the age of 19 and swept the nation with her beauty. 23 years later she is still beautiful as ever.

  • Kim Hee Ae

    Kim Hee Ae who is currently 48 is famous for her elegant tone and gestures on screen. She recently successfully finished a romantic drama "Secret Love affair" with Yoo Ah In who is 20 years younger.

  • Kim Hye Soo

    Kim Hye Soo at 45 years of age is still one of the most popular sexy icons in Korea. 

  • Kim Sung Ryung

    Kim Sung Ryun debut after she won the Miss Korea contest in 1988 and 26 years later even at 48 years of age she has a figure and beauty that is on par with celebrities in their 20's.

  • Kim Nam Joo

    Kim Nam Joo at 44 years of age looks young and beautiful enough to act in romantic movies with guys up to 10 years younger than her. 

  • Ko Hyun Jung

    Ko Hyun Jung at 44 years of age is still very much active in the acting scenes of Korea and is known for her charisma on screen.

  • Ko So Young

    Ko So Young at 43 years of age is considered one of the most beautiful women in Korea to this day. She is also married to one of the best looking men in Korea Jang Dong Gun.

  • Bonus: Sandara Park (2NE1)

    Born in 1984, Sandara is not quite old as the rest of these actresses BUT!! It's no doubt this young looking beauty will still be a sight for sore eyes when she reaches the age of 40!!