15 Hilarious Korean Parking Fails

By Koreaboo

Driving culture is quite different in Korea, and that includes parking! You'll be surprised to see where some cars are parked in the city! Here's a collection that show some bizarre parking jobs!

  • Perfect parking spot in the middle of the sidewalk

  • Wow, great parking job!

  • If one person parks their bike, everyone can!

  • Park on the wheelchair ramp! Why not?

  • Who ever heard of a crosswalk? Not us!

  • Phone-booth in the middle of the bike path

  • Why not park on bike path too!

  • Parking in the children's playground

  • "I park where I want"

  • Yep, right here is just fine.

  • Three spaces? Well.. why not.

  • What are these poles here for anyway?

  • Don't tell me what to do. I'm the POLICE!

  • What was that bump? Probably nothing..

  • This looks like a perfect spot. Right here.