5 Korean Urban Myths That'll Give You Goosebumps

By Koreaboo

Every culture has its fair share of beliefs and urban legends, and South Korea is no exception. While some of these tales will make your skin crawl, others may leave you scratching your head.

  • Chicken Blood Tattoo

    This urban legend claims that a tattoo composed of chicken blood will only appear under certain conditions, specifically when the skin heats up, such as after you've been drinking. 

  • Cockroach Facial

    A boy slept next to a cockroach as a means to rid himself of his acne. Upon waking up, his skin was repaired, but a closer inspection revealed that cockroach eggs had been laid within his scars.

  • The Toilet Ghost

    A bit bizarre perhaps, but if you're unlucky enough to encounter the toilet ghost, then you'll be locked within your stall and forced to choose between two unfortunate ways to die.

  • (The Curse of) Red Ink

    This belief is actually widely shared amongst the Asian populace, and dictates that you should never write the name of the living in red ink (as red is the color of blood and therefore, death).

  • Cosmetic Sesame

    Seeking to enhance her beauty, a girl bathed in a tub of sesame seeds & water, only to have the seeds sink into her skin's every pore. As a result, she proceeded to pick each one out with a toothpick.