10 Must-Know Korean Slang Expressions

By Koreaboo

Do you know these Korean words and phrases? Use them in conversation to be the coolest Korean speaker around (you may even be able to fool the locals!) 대박! 

  • Jjang

    This is a common one that can be heard often!  It's slang word that means 'the best' or 'top of top' or just plain 'awesome'!

  • 고답이 [Go-Dab-I]

    We all have that friend that's always slow to catch on. This phrase, which comes from the Korean word for sweet potato, is used to describe someone who just doesn't get it. 

  • 심쿵 [Sim-Kung]

    This phrase is made up of two words that refer to the heart. Translated, it roughly means "heartthrob" and you can use it to refer to a huge crush.

  • 뭥미? [Mwong mi?]

    Slang that came from pressing a Korean keyboard too quickly, this phrase means "What the...?!"

  • 행쇼 [Haeng-syo]

    Made famous by Korean celeb G-Dragon, this phrase is used to say goodbye. Translated it means "be happy" but it is similar to saying "Peace!" when you leave a friend.

  • 답정너 [Dap-Jung-Nuh]

    This is an abbreviated phrase you use to describe someone that is always looking for compliments. We all have that friend that asks "Do I look fat in this?" and this phrase is for them. 

  • 빡친다 [Bbak-chin-da]

    Close to a curse word, you use this phrase when you are super annoyed and angry. You might shout this if you stub your toe or if someone makes you really mad. 

  • 금사빠 [Geum-sa-bba]

    An abbreviated phrase that translates to "loves is the moment." Use this to describe your friends that always falls in love the moment they see someone. 

  • 웃프다 [Ut-pu-dah]

    A mix of two words that mean funny and sad, this phrase is for situations where you don't know if you should laugh or cry. 

  • 대박 [Dae-bak]

    Similar to the English expression "jackpot" you can use this phrase to describe everything from a great party to a tasty meal.