8 Interesting Places in North Korea

By Koreaboo

North Korea has recently opened its doors to a limited amount of outsiders, shedding some light on the mysterious hermit country. Here are 8 of the more interesting places in North Korea.

  • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

    While this is more the border to North Korea than an actual destination within the country, it's a sight to see. The DMZ separates North and South Korea & is the world's most militarized border.

  • Juche Tower

    The Juche Tower is the symbol of North Korea & its political system. You can ride an elevator up & see plaques dedicated to those who funded the construction of tower, who hail from around the world.

  • Worker's Party Monument

    Possibly one of the most famous monuments in North Korea, the Worker's Party Monument symbolizes farming, education & industry.

  • Martyr's Cemetery

    The Japanese occupation of Korea led to many deaths. Kim Il Sung commissioned a bronze statue for every Korean killed, made to look identical to the person they represented.

  • Pyongyang Stadium

    Pyongyang stadium is the largest stadium in the world, with a capacity of 150,000. The stadium is used to host their mass demonstrations, which are quite a feat as well.

  • Kaseon

    Kaseon is one of several theme parks in the country. Visitors have said that Kaseon is one of few places where locals can interact with foreigners.

  • RyuGyong Hotel

    Once the tallest hotel in the world, Ryugyong hotel now sits, uncompleted, haunting Pyongyang's skyline. This monstrous hotel was meant to house 3,000 rooms and 7 rotating restaurants.

  • Kijong Dong

    Also known as Propaganda Village, Kijong Dong is what would happen if you took Ryugyong Hotel and scaled it to the size of a village. The village is empty & is rumored to be used to attract defectors.