Creative K-Pop Fanclub Names Pt. 2

By Koreaboo

With so many great idol groups boasting dedicated fans to match, we just had to feature 9 more fanclubs with some rather creative names. [Click to see who made our first list.](

  • BTS Fanclub: ARMY

    Otherwise known as "Adorable Representatives MC for Youth," we have to say that BTS' official fanclub name is just as badass as we'd hoped. Who wouldn't want their own army of adorable MCs?

  • T-ara Fanclub: Queens

    As if echoing the fabulousness of the T-ara girls themselves, the group's fans are effectively known as "Queens."

  • NU'EST Fanclub: L.O.Λ.E

    Given that NU'EST's group name expands into an epic acronym already, we're not surprised that fans took their own spin on the otherwise commonplace word "love" when deciding on a fanclub name. 

  • Nine Muses Fanclub: Mine

    Possessive and to the point, Nine Muses fans don't play around when it comes to letting the public know about their devotion to the group.

  • MBLAQ Fanclub: A+

    Even if you've never been a straight A student while in school, being a part of MBLAQ's fanclub will earn you instant A+ status.

  • Got7 Fanclub: I Got7

    Got7's official fanclub name may be simple, but that doesn't make it any less clever.

  • Girls' Generation Fanclub: SONE (So One)

    Not only does SNSD's official fanclub name allude to a song featured on their first album, it is also pronounced as "so one," implying a sense of unity between the girls and their fans.

  • TVXQ Fanclub: Cassiopeia

    Uttering the name instantly conjures up images from Greek mythology, which is very fitting as TVXQ are the "Rising Gods of the East."

  • 2PM Fanclub: Hottest

    2PM is perpetually known as one of the most physically fit groups in K-Pop, so it would only make sense that their official fanclub be deemed the "Hottest" too.