10 Signs Your Man May Be Cheating

By BrazenWoman

Got that niggling suspicious feeling? Here are 10 warning signs that something's going on behind your back.

  • He's Dressing to Impress

    If he's suddenly dressing spiffy before he leaves the house, wearing cologne for the first time in a long time, commenting on his greying hair or plucking nasal hairs, there may be a reason. 

  • He's Hiding Something

    One of the most common signs is when your man becomes secretive with his technological gadgets. He may have a password-protected phone and justifies not sharing it because it has top secret work info.

  • His Mood Has Swung

    If he’s whistling as he works, has a spring in his step and is playful, he may be getting pumped up somewhere. If his mood has worsened, it may be guilt, remorse or confusion about what he’s up to.

  • He Leaves Clues

    If you find a gift receipt or dinner bill that includes two glasses of wine and dessert at a time that he was supposed to be at a hockey game with a friend, this is certainly a red flag.

  • He's Missing in Action

    If he becomes harder to reach at times he used to be available, then he may purposely be avoiding you. And if he does answer, perhaps you hear background noise or talk that is suspicious or unusual.

  • He's Somehow Changed

    If there’s a niggling voice inside your head that says that things just seem off, or that he’s behaving in a way that is out of character, then trust your intuition. 

  • His Patterns are New

    If his work patterns change and he’s suddenly taking work trips often, then this may be his escape route to other pastures.

  • He's Different in Bed

    Suddenly, he's hitting the sheets early to avoid intimacy or he's trying new things in bed when you haven't talked about spicing this up, he may be getting physical with someone else. 

  • He's Got New Friends

    If he gets calls to his phone or your common line from numbers you don’t recognize or if you hear an unfamiliar voice when you return the call, this too may be a sign.

  • He's Not All In

    In the therapist's office, he insists he'll work on the relationship but then he doesn't follow through. If he has someone else waiting in the wings, what’s the motivation to make things better?