5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Sugar

By BrazenWoman

Aspartame is a great alternative to sugar. Use it to reduce your intake and still stay sweet.

  • Skip the Sugar in Coffee

    Use a low-calorie sweetener such as NutraSweet or Equal in your coffee or tea. If you drink two coffees a day with two sugars in each, making the switch could save you almost 450 calories a week.

  • Drink Diet Soda

    If you want a sweet beverage but don’t want the calories, swap a diet beverage for your regular drink. Same great flavour but without the added sugar.

  • Chew Sugar-Free Gum

    To curb snacking while cooking or late at night, chew on a minty piece of gum. The strong flavour will kill your unhealthy cravings.

  • Use Aspartame on Oatmeal

    Sprinkle a low-calorie sweetener like Equal on your unsweetened oatmeal. One package of sweetened oatmeal contains up to 160 calories. Start the morning off right and save those extra calories.

  • Drink sweetened water

    Drink a lot of water. If regular water isn’t your thing, consider mixing in fresh fruit or fruit juice or use a low calorie flavouring.