20 Idols That Fans Suspect Might Have Secretly Dated Eachother In The Past

By Koreaboo

Some idols just have the best chemistry, and are too cute together on screen, and off! Some match-ups are so adorable that fans wish they were actually dating in real life!

  • Gain & 2AM Jokwon

    While Gain is currently dating Joo Ji Hoon, back in 2012 fans were crazy about the Gain and Jokwon match-up in "We Got Married." There's no denying they were an adorably pair! 

  • 2PM Nichkhun & f(x) Victoria

    Back in 2012, all the hype was about 'Khuntoria' during their appearance on "We Got Married." Fans loved them dearly, and wondered if they were actually dating all along.

  • f(x) Krystal & CNBLUE Minhyuk

    f(x) Krystal and CNBlue Minhyuk worked together in the drama Heirs, and were often seen together off set, and travelling together. Fans loved the matchup and wondered if they could be dating for real!

  • BoA & TVXQ Yunho

    Label-mates for a decade, BoA & Yunho have a connection like no other. As two 1st gen SM trainees, they struggled and achieved success side-by-side. There's no denying they'd make an adorable couple<3

  • BoA & TVXQ Yunho

    Swaggy high five of love

  • Jung Yoomi & Shinhwa Eric

    The two boasted extremely good chemistry on the show "Discovery of Love" and left fans wanting more even after the show ended. Some even thought the two were really dating.

  • CNBLUE Yonghwa & Girls' Generation Seohyun

    The two are also from the show "We Got Married" and are nicknamed the "Yongseo" couple.

  • Song Jaerim & Kim Soeun

    Actors Song Jaerim & Kim Soeun have been together a lot often, shooting tv programs, commercials and fashion shoots... and they seem to have amazing chemistry!  The duo are too cute together!

  • Park Shinhye & Lee Jongsuk

    The two are a hot couple on the drama "Pinocchio" and received the "Best Couple" award from SBS.

  • Jo Insung & Gong Hyojin

    The star couple of the drama "It's okay It's love" showed extreme chemistry that they were even rumored to be dating. Both also went through break ups during the show leaving fans hopeful.

  • Running Man's Gary & Song Jihyo

    The two are better known as the "Monday Couple" from the show "Running Man". The two have become such a famous couple that fans are crying that they may as well start dating each other.

  • Super Junior Donghae & 2NE1 Sandara Park

    The friendship between the two is well known but many fans hope that the two would become more than just friends.