12 Differences Between Xmas in Korea and N.America

By Koreaboo

Christmas is a wonderful time of year no matter where you are! Here are some differences between the Xmas cultures of Korea and North America that might surprise or delight you! Merry Christmas!

  • Santa Claus.. in blue?!

    That's right! Korea may be the only place in the world were there are BLUE Santas. We don't know how or why this came about, but for whatever reason. Blue is a Christmas color in Korea!

  • Decorated Homes / Decorated Malls

    In Korea people generally don't decorate the exterior of their homes with lights. Instead the city puts a great deal of effort in decorating the streets, and especially department stores!

  • Where is the Christmas Food??

    While you might want to enjoy a homemade feast, it's it extremely hard to find all your traditional Christmas foods. Cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, apple cider, gravy, etc. aren't easy to come by.

  • Money instead of Presents

    Usually you won't see a heap of various sized boxes laying under the Xmas tree in Korean homes. Money is the most popular Christmas gift in Korea. Sorry Santa, I can buy my own present. 

  • Holiday for family / Holiday for couples

    Surprisingly in Korea Christmas doesn't revolve around family at all! Instead it's a holiday for couples to go on the most romantic of dates. It's the most special couple day of the year! <3 

  • Mini Plastic Trees

    Korea doesn't have an abundance of spruce, fir, and pine trees... nor is there an abundance of space in Korean houses. So it's only sensible that Xmas trees be small and fake.

  • No Eggnog T_T

    Eggnog is one thing that no matter how hard you search, you wont be able to find it. You'll have to make it yourself!

  • No Nostalgic Christmas Songs

    You won't be hearing the classic heartwarming Christmas tunes from your childhood. Christmas music in Korea consists of most;y Mariah Carey, and K-Pop Chistmas covers!

  • Kiss under the Mistletoe??

    NOPE! Sorry, you're no more likely to get a kiss under the mistletoe as you would be under a leaf of kimchee ㅋㅋㅋ.

  • Door to Door Caroling / Church Caroling

    Sadly there is no door to door caroling, however there is caroling at churches that are open to everyone! Many people gather at churches, (even if they're non-religious) and join in to sing together!

  • Christmas Festivals!

    There are amazing Christmas festivals in Korea! While they might not be the same as back home, they have own unique splendor to them that'll last in your memory. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • BONUS: Korean Reindeer

    A little improvisation was required ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ