14 Things You Probably Didn't Know About EXO Kai

By Koreaboo

You can never know too much about the lovable dancing machine of EXO-K. Here's collection of some surprising and interesting facts about our beloved Kai.

  • 1

    Kai often goes to the company rooftop to practice where the air is fresh and he feels free.

  • 2

    He was nicknamed 'Kkamjong' by his members for his copper skin.

  • 3

    Kai can freestyle dance to any type of music, from upbeat, to slow.

  • 4

    Kai's motto is "I'd rather bend than break"

  • 5

    During his trainee days, his favorite song was Ne-Yo's 'Part of The List.' He used to dance to it a lot.

  • 6

    Kai said his ideal type of girl is Korean actress Han Yeseul

  • 7

    Kai has two dogs, an Airedale Terrier names Monggu, and another dog named Jjanggu

  • 8

    Kai went to the school of performing arts in Seoul, same a B1A4's Gongchan.

  • 9

    Kai is voted best gamer by EXO-K members

  • 10

    Kai's habits include biting and touching his lips, doing 'cat paw' pose, and biting his nails.

  • 11

    Kai's role model is Michael Jackson

  • 12

    Kai started learning ballet and jazz after watching The Nutcracker in grade 2.

  • 13

    Kai is the youngest of 3 siblings. He has 2 older sisters!

  • 14

    Kai loves comics, his favorite is 'Top Blade.' He felt awkward about his stage name at first because it sounds like the name of his favorite comic character KaiLa.