7 Great K-Pop Dance Practice Videos

By Koreaboo

While we expect our favourite idols and groups to kill their on-stage performances, we just had to acknowledge those that danced just as hard during practice as well.

  • VIXX - On and On


    The choreography for VIXX's "On and On" was dynamic and had the group members interacting in various manners. We thought the boys rocked their dance in this particular practice.

  • Kahi - It's Me


    As a solo artist dancing with both male and female backup dancers, it may be difficult to stand out. However, Kahi managed to do so perfectly fine during the "It's Me" practice session.

  • BTS - Concept Trailer


    While this may not be a dance pertaining to a specific single, it certainly showed off the Bangtan Boys' amazing dance talent and athleticism, and as such, definitely deserved a spot on this list.

  • Taemin - Danger


    With quirky and highly stylized choreography done by Ian Eastwood, Taemin was the only person in the room that clearly worked the dance out. In fact, we didn't even look at his backup dancers once.

  • BTS - Danger


    The Bangtan Boys once again demonstrated impressive stamina as the "Danger" dance did not allow for many periods of rest. The energy level was maintained throughout the entire routine.

  • EXO-K - History


    While our eyes may naturally gravitate towards the exceptional dancers amongst EXO-K (namely Kai), we thought the choreography was still well executed by everyone.

  • Infinite - Before the Dawn


    Although "Before the Dawn" may not be Infinite's defining song, it was definitely one of their most iconic dances, featuring the much talked about group scorpion move.