7 Epic Drama Filming Locations Explore

By Koreaboo

Have you ever wondered where your favorite Korean drama scenes were filmed? We're recapping some of the most memorable set locations that you should add to your list of must-visit destinations.

  • Garden of Morning Calm - You Are Beautiful

    Many memorable scenes from You Are Beautiful were filmed at the Garden of Morning Calm, located near Chukryeongsan Mountain. This lush, green destination makes for a perfect escape from urban life.

  • Damyang Dynasty Country Club - Boys Over Flowers

    This luxurious clubhouse was modelled after the most marvellous of Italian villas, and was home to Boys Over Flowers' Gu Jun-Pyo. 

  • Noeul Park - Iris

    Part of the World Cup Park, visitors to Noeul Park can expect sights of artistic statues and a glorious sunset come dusk. 

  • Gongseri Catholic Church - You Are Beautiful

    Gongseri Catholic Church has a long standing history of over 100 years, and is even designated as a cultural asset in Chungcheongnam-do, where it's located.

  • Petite France - Secret Garden

    Petite France has been used as a filming location for various Korea dramas, not just Secret Garden. Featuring many French-style/ influenced attractions, it is a popular weekend destination for locals.

  • Lotte World - Stairway to Heaven

    Lotte World is the ultimate amusement park that has earned quite a reputation even outside of South Korea. You'll need to schedule out at least an entire day to fully experience what it has to offer.

  • Yeongju Museom Village - Love Rain

    Surrounded by rivers, the Yeongju Museom Village is one of South Korea's top traditional villages, and is preserved as such as well, making it a prime drama set.