8 Delicious Korean Desserts to Die For

By Koreaboo

These Hot and Cold Korean desserts are more than enough to satisfy your sweet tooth any day!!! 

  • Roast Chestnuts

    The classics never get old

  • Ho Dduk

    This odd looking bread has a chewy dough with melted brown sugar and nuts inside!

  • Ho Dduk

    Sugary goodnesss~~

  • Honey Threads

    Hardened honey is stretched in to tens of thousands of thread than various nuts are put in the center

  • Honey Threads

    The result is sweet and savory scrumptiousness.

  • Mango Shaved Ice

  • Coffee Shaved Ice

  • Oreo Shaved Ice

  • Ice Boonguh Bbang

    Ice cream..In boong uh bbang....droooool

  • Boonguh Bbang (Goldfish Bread)

    Served hot during the winter, this bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the second layer with sweet red bean paste or cream in the center!!! MMMMMM