13 Photos That Prove Seolhyun Is Too Hot For Her Own Good

By Koreaboo

Seolhyun, the visual of AOA has been getting a lot of attention lately for her charismatic stage presence and hot body! Here are some super HQ photos of her being her adorable self!

  • Exquisite beauty!

  • She captivates fans' attention

  • The visual of AOA

  • Dancing with vigor and style

  • Despite the rain, the stage is burning up~!

  • AOA Seolhyun!

  • Dancin' like there ain't no tomorrow

  • What a cutie

  • The gorgeous visual of AOA!

  • The show must go on

  • Dancing with such elegance

  • She knows how to work it!

  • Dancing on a stage of rainbows

  • BONUS: Making Funny Faces For The Camera ㅋㅋㅋ

  • DOUBLE BONUS: Slo-mo stage