9 Times G-Dragon Killed It On TV

By Koreaboo

G-Dragon has appeared in tons of commercial films, variety shows and movies. His charm gets us every time. These are our favorite G-Dragon appearances. Click each image to see a clip.

  • Gmarket


    GD recently made another commercial for Gmarket. His song "[Gmarket Party!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhWJXIGb8ao)" is pretty funny too! *CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • Vitamin Water CFs


    GD partnered with Glaceau to make these comical CFs. Caution: you may get thirsty after watching them. *CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • Hite Jinro CF


    The commercial gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a television production. It's amazing how special effects and camera angles alter perception. *CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • Entertainment Weekly


    G-Dragon has appeared in KBS’s Entertainment Weekly as a guest star, where he talks about all the exciting details in his personal life with other stars. *CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • Running Man


    In this clip, GD is about to battle for Noona in the mud pit. He makes two SBS's Running Man appearances; once with Big Bang in episode 84, and once on his own in episode 163.*CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • Commercials for LG


    LG sales soared after these commercials where G-Dragon and Park Ji Sung team up. Watch out Samsung! *CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • Infinity Challenge


    GD has also guest-starred on the nation's number one free-to-air program on Saturday nights, Infinity Challenge. He made quite the impact during the last appearance.*CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • BSX Korea Commercial


    With that unforgettable pink hairstyle, GD partnered up with men's clothing outlet BSX for a slick, sensual commercial that definitely left its mark in advertising.*CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*

  • Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea


    Although the mini movie is a bit random and confusing, when Big Bang shows up at 14:32, everything seems to make sense. *CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO*