12 Times Idols Got Wet And Sexy on Camera

By Koreaboo

You wouldn't think that bathtub shoots would be common... but you'd be surprised how many idols have done shoots in the tub! Here's some great bathing shoots we've come across!

  • Hyun Bin

    The tub master

  • Dal Shabet - Woohee

    Woohee posing seductively in the tub

  • Park Minyoung

    TakingĀ a flower petal bath. Looks very relaxing!

  • Secret - Hyosung

    Don't look so sad T T

  • G.na

    Taking a bath

  • Kim Taehee

    looking very relaxed

  • Kim Taehee

    doing a photo shoot in some murky tub water

  • SHINee - Taemin

    Bubbles on bubbles

  • Hwanhee

    Posing for the camera

  • CN Blue - Jonghyun

    soaking in a clay bath

  • Ha.tfelt

    looking rather melancholicĀ 

  • Lee Minho

    Just chillin' in the tub.. why not!?