The Evolution Of Taemin

By Koreaboo

SHINee’s Taemin has been in the K-Pop industry for over 7 years now, debuting at the age of 14. Now, at 21, his style has changed enormously from a teenage boy to a man.

  • Taemin debutes, Age 14

  • Replay concept photo

  • Love Like Oxygen

  • Showing his tough side with 'AMIGO'

  • Back to cute with 'Juliette'

  • Juliette straight hair version!

  • Ring Ding Dong

  • Taemin solo performance "Romeo + Juliet"

  • A sudden style change with 'Lucifer'

  • Going red for Japanese Debut with 'Replay'

  • O_O Sherlock

  • Looking dreamy for 'Dream Girl'

  • Looking extremely handsome for 'Everybody'

  • Taemin's manly side comes out for his solo debut!

  • Concept photo for 'Danger'

  • Current Taemin, age 21. He's all grown up! <3

  • Taemin we'll love you for years to come!