13 Photo's Of Bobbys Lovable Eye-Smile

By Koreaboo

The “Show Me The Money” Champion deserves his own feature, so here’s an article on Team B aka iKON’s Bobby! His most signature look is his ridiculously adorable eye-smile and toothy grin!

  • 1

    Bobby worked extremely hard on “Show Me The Money”, overcoming shaky auditions and showcases. 

  • 2

    His eye smile is most evident when he’s on stage and with his fans, where he’s obviously the happiest.

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  • 4

    Congratulations to The Quiett and dok2 and to the champion, Bobby for their victory!!

  • 5

  • 6

    Bobby showing some YG love.

  • 7

    The rapper showed that idol rappers are no joke, and that just because he’s from YG Entertainment, it doesn’t mean he’s a joke.

  • 8

    That signature smile

  • 9

    His love for rap was evident on the show, partnering up with the Young King Young Bosses, Illionaire Record CEO’s The Quiett and dok2. 

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  • 11

    Looking handsome in his hip hop gear.

  • 12

    Bobby’s partner in crime and leader, B.I!

  • 13

    Cute taking a selca!