7 Things That Make K-Pop Fans Unique

By Koreaboo

While liking K-Pop may seem like the person's just another fan, K-Pop fans actually have a unique aspect to their own character. 

  • Willing to drop everything to see their idols

    K-Pop fans will find whatever way to attend a concert where their idols are performing. Even if they need to hop on the plane and buy the most expensive VIP tickets, it's all worth it in the end.

  • They are loyal

    K-Pop fans are extremely loyal to their artists, supporting them in everything they do support, voting for them in awards and defending them when need be!

  • Enjoying K-Pop is not limited to music

    Being a fan of K-Pop does not usually end at the music. Many fans also have a growing interest in Korean fashion, beauty, food, and television as well. 

  • They're used to seeing skinship

    People might be shocked to see Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg giving back hugs to eachother, or the occasional butt-slap . As a common occurrence in the Korean media, many K-Pop fans are used to this act.

  • They support their artists by buying many albums

    It's not rare for K-Pop fans to buy several of the same album in order to support their artists, and collect individual member merchandise that comes within. Cases of buying 20~30 albums is common!

  • Emotional support between fandoms

    Whenever one fandom is going through tough times because of their favorite idol, all other fandoms give their support to the group. When a bad event occurs, all K-Pop fans unite as one.

  • They're willing to learn another language

    Whether it's just to be able to understand their idols or even enhance their skills to communicate them, many K-pop fans have the dedication to sit through long hours just to learn Korean.

  • The whole K-Pop fandom is one big family

    Despite the fanwars and fandom rivalries, as a K-Pop fan, when you find out another person is also a K-Pop fan, you immediately recognize them as a fellow brother/sister of the big family of K-Pop.