14 Times BTS Proved They're One Of A Kind

By Koreaboo

BTS are the new kids on the block and their popularity is blasting off like a rocket!  But has anyone noticed how lovably dorky they are!? Here's a few times they might have made you wonder...

  • That time they were ladybug fairies

  • They time they got fleas!

  • That time they screamed

  • This time when...... you were left speechless

  • That time their inner Sailor Moon came out

  • That time Rapmon revealed his psychopathic side

  • That time when.... oh wow..

  • And again when ladybug fairy returned

  • And this time when V imitated a squirrel

  • And then when Rapmon stubbed his toe T T

  • And you can't forget about the inner diva

  • And that time when they turned up

  • The time Jimin believed he was Buzz Lightyear

  • And that time they saw a mouse on the stage