5 Signs She's Not a True Friend

By BrazenWoman

Is your friendship more trouble than it's worth? Is it making you sad instead of happy? Here are 5 signs she might not be the friend you need.

  • She's got an agenda.

    She's friends for a reason — but that reason is not you. She's cozying up to your man or your friends or whatever else you've got that she wants. But when you need her, she's never available.

  • She's all talk

    She says yes when you suggest a coffee or lunch date, but somehow she never quite commits. If you're aways the one calling, you know the friendship is one-sided. A relationship of any kind takes two.

  • She moves too fast.

    If she's all in before you even know her name, the friendship will feel like a blur. A wham-bam-thank you-ma'am friendship won't work because she'll be out as fast as she was in.

  • She's all about her.

    She's obsessed with herself. If all you talk about is her life — her problems, her successes — and she's always hijacking conversations, chances are, there's no room in the friendship for you.

  • She's the stalker type.

    She's more a stalker than friend. Your phone is buzzing away with her texts and calls and suddenly you realize she's all over every aspect of your life. This isn't how friendships are built.

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