Cool Underwater Statues You Must Visit

By Scuba Diver Life

  • MUSA - Mexico

    Once more Jason deCaires Taylor ties art and conservation, on a massive scale.  This underwater museum has over 500 statues that provide marine habitats and a diversion from the natural reefs.

  • Mother Mary - Philippines

    To discourage destructive fishing methods, this statue was placed near Danajon Bank. Sitting in 80 feet of water, her presence has managed to do exactly as intended and the area is recovering.

  • Madonna - Malta

    Placed by a local dive club, this statue serves as a popular destination for divers of all skill levels. It sits at 46 ft, after a series of arches and swim-throughs.

  • Inverted Solitude - UK

    This unusual statue is suspended upside down under a floating diving platform in Chepstow. Once a quarry, this site and platform are used for national free diving training and competitions.

  • Grenada Project - Moilinere Bay

    Another project by Jason deCaires Taylor, these 65 statues were placed to help the area recover from recent storm damage in hopes of increasing marine habitat and drawing tourists from nearby reefs.

  • Ocean Atlas - Bahamas

    The largest underwater statue in the world, this was placed just last October by Jason deCaires Taylor.  He hopes to convey the message that we can support our oceans and keep them from collapsing.

  • Christ of the Abyss

    Created by Guido Galletti, 3 of these statues were cast from the same mold and have been placed in 3 different locations across the world. One each off the coasts of Italy, Grenada, and Key Largo.