Balancing Voice, Style & Tone: A Writer's Guide

By Emily E. Steck

How To Be A Writer: Adopting Style & Tone of a Publication. TL;DR

  • What Is a Writer's Voice?

    A writer's voice is the personality of the writer on the page. To find your voice, a writer needs to read, experiment and bring out what makes them unique. 

  • How You Can Make Them Work Together?

    Read. Read everything to pick up on the cadence of other writing. Learn about publishers' brands. Practice and attempt to mimic it. Be open to collaboration and criticism. 

  • Voice, Style & Tone Work Together

    Style, tone and a writer’s voice work together to create many different types of good writing. A writer will need a distinctive writer’s voice, a firm tone and a flexible approach to style.

  • What is Tone?

    Often confused with voice, tone is the attitude towards the material or subject. It answers questions like: why am I writing this, and to whom? What do I want the readers to take away from this?

  • What is Style?

    Style is the sentence structure, prose, vocabulary choice, flow, etc. Style usually falls into four basic categories: expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative.