8 Photos That Show Oh My Girl Yooa's Change Since Debut

By Koreaboo

  • Cute

    Closer to Oh My Girl's debut date, Yooa was sporting a cute and youthful appearance on stage. This included a younger wardrobe, in this case a school uniform, ponytail, bangs, as well as light makeup.

  • Yooa showing off her innocent smile with a sticker on her face.

  • Posing for the cameras while wearing a dainty headband.

  • Sexy

    As time went on, fans started noticing a more mature vibe coming from Yooa. Her outfits matured as well as her overall performance and visuals.

  • Yooa's outfit went from school uniforms to crop tops, chokers, and a more mature makeup style.

  • Her overall attitude shows that she has truly grown since debut days!